And that mysterious, which everyone agreed to call it “Love” !!
the inevitable as breathing,
they forgot, because it lives in the heart, it’s such as the heart,
dies when its Electrocardiography becomes straight, even at the threshold of “happiness”,
and pulses
when it’s fickle, frequent, shaky, dancer, becomes.


To love !!
to love a being for itself,
does not necessarily mean that you love what it loves and wants what it wants,
But it probably means that you always, even if you far away, be near it,
a hidden hand appoints by what it likes and desires,
to such a degree that you will not stop it except for the last hug,
if someday you find it, just about to throw itself out of a building,
and then to push it with your hands if it runs out the courage, after the hug, to complete its death,
Otherwise, you do not love it for itself,
but you love its presence in your life, owning it, filling your ego with it, et.



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