If I am a plant on the flank of a river
whenever the snow melts I test the breath and the drowning.

– A mosquito’s female, puts her eggs, -that has been matured by the blood of all beings * –
in the depth of a swamp,
a nation of poets waits for the ending of spring to born,
and transmits everyone’ diseases to everyone.

– A wooden seat in a park,
memorizes all the tales and keeps mum.

– A shared crutch in a nursing home,
each while changes the rhythm of the dance according to the shiver of a dying body,
the last, whom the hands of lonely people press its palm before their death,
That pressing as cruelty as a vengeance
They convey through it the total pain of their lives.

– Gravedigger
prepares the beds of the final sleep, with love, such as a mother combing the hair of a child girl,
He tells them, the dead, every night:
The test of breathing and drowning
Mosquito Poems
Wooden Seat tales
The commandments of the crutch
And the disappointments of a lonely man
who prepared the cosy beds for all,
then, as the sleep calls him, he did not find anyone to prepare his bedding,
became a prey for wild birds.

*) *

* the mosquito’s female is the only that feed on the blood because it is necessary for the maturity of eggs, while the male feeds on plant juices and nectar of flowers

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