To say that there is a “civil society”, presupposes necessarily the existence of a military community and inclusively endorses it,
That the militarization is a societal and mental condition, not merely an institution follows to a “civilian” authority,
What once again refers to what I had mentioned before that the cohort, which is the nucleus of any society, from its very inception, was only a military formation, for the purpose of hunting or escaping, attacking or defending, to circumvent our physical courtyard, our temporary mental fear, and the insignificance of our existence, among the roominess of nature.
Therefore, our fabrication of the term “civil society” was only to pass this fact, under the loose cloak of the “civilization”.


In this sense, the “civilization” becomes (if we controversially agreed to launch that nomenclature on what we want to express here, away from its lexical meaning) an individual status, may exist or may not, but it definitely does not be constituted, because the constitutivism means as a result:
A group, a language, beliefs, ideas, principles, doctrines, selections, wars … and then an attempt to annihilate any other “animality” or “humanity”.
Within the “contemporary” equation that the “human history” ended up:
Civilians / poultry lead militarists/predators.
Which has violated, since times, the structure of nature, and caused a continued defect inside it, that threatens it with the extinction the day after day.


The military pilot who threw the Hiroshima bomb, for example, is no more criminal than the scientific complexes (which developed the researches), the arms companies (which funded the researches), or the governments that gave the “democratic” approval to the highest command, to order the pilot to throw the bomb and end the war, to ensure the interest and benefit of the “universal security” of mankind.


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