And time;
If we suppose, as a matter of controversy, that it exists, is a child
a cute baby, his age has not exceeded since he was born of human mind concern, a “year”
I mean the simple natural rotation of all beings on that little ball that we called Earth
Within the inevitable succession of climatic seasons.


Otherwise, why we measure what we call “ages” (ages of: human beings, civilizations, animals, plants, etc) by digital complications followed by the word “year” (20 years, five years, one hundred years, etc …).
and the period of that “year” varies between imaginary calendars we set up to disagree according to them, to be convinced that there is a time, a beginning, a distance, a “something” important separates us from death.
to be convinced that there is a “Creator”,
that we are not getting born dead, then when we realize this, we fabricate life and go on into the fabrication of important assets in it to feel that we are alive now and we may touch the “eternity” by some silly child stories about how we came and where we will go after all this ..

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