If it is correct at the beginning to use that monolithic demagogical term* to identify the beautiful diversity and difference of our races as “human beings”, and that we are different animals intersect with one another only slightly more than we intersect with the rest of the animals,
I am saying;
If it is correct to use the term “human beings” when we speak of those races which we belong to, then we can say that we are clearly being divided, day by day, into a two humanity:
a humanity of after industrial “revolution”, and the subsequent “revolutions” of technology, fashion and others, and what they created of eunuchs of selves, and killing of the sensory intimacy between them,
the intimacy that we can find even with “crocodiles” (I am just ridiculing of those empty taxonomic phrases that we use to describe each other: “crocodile tears”, as we are thinking, with a false classification, that we are more emotional than them, crocodiles).
And a humanity of before the industrial “revolution”, or a humanity remnants of before the industrial “revolution”,
that humanity, which was still possible to dream of the feasibility, albeit with a narrow and flimsy space, when we accept to belong to,
the dream that the day will come when we will feel that that exodus: our slaughtered painful exodus from the wildlife / from the bush,
was really worth it,
I mean all that ghastly ocean that we quenched it to the ground and fed it to, of blood, tears and bodies.


*I used the word “term” instead of “appellation”, because the appellation, as I think, would be correct to be used upon us, when we were still just an appellation among other appellations, with the difference that we have the consciousness of our ability upon the appellation, without classifying, by the amazing imagination which the language opens it, as a hole for the sense, to cross out through dam of the flesh.
but now, as we are closer to a mental term, the “human beings” became closer to the term than to the appellation.

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