This is not an ordinary shelter or a street for beggars or homeless,
this is a train, that not deserted, to transport passengers,
alive and works,
moving a people, that it does not matter too much the question, from where to where?
but what really matters is how that inspires the imagination to ask:
“If this is a means of transmitting humans, and I will not say a” class “of humans because it is enough to transport only one human, to we all feel shame, as an entire race”
I am saying: “If this is a means of transporting humans, and it is assumed to present a well-being of not having to walk to the place of your going, then how are their dwellings?”
It is self-evident here to relate the form and type of transport means, with the accommodation’s shape, as the obviousness of relating the person who moves between his house and his work with a private helicopter, for example, that his house and workplace is large enough not to disturb the landing of a helicopter.
and then it is self-evident to think that those, no one sees them, but them, may see each other and see the others;
because the “rich” see no one, in principle, except themselves, and if they saw others, just as a ladder towards “more”, or as hands which kissing them, leads to that “more”.
while the “average people” either were like that or afraid to become like that;
they, for sure, however it was bitter to them, will only look eagerly and hopefully at those stairs or hands;
then, slowly, they will start weaving the relationship with them.

No doubt, we have come to a place where there is no longer what called a “middle class”, but a majority of the poor, and a few that are divided between the destitute and the rich.
No doubt, also, that governments and authorities cannot survive without maintaining a destitute class which is fearful to remain in or to reach to, by the “average” (who are the poor majority), who, regardless of their motives, will be unconsciously motivated by their fair fears, with the authority, even with some conditions related to their status of living.
As for the oppressed, the destitute,
they are always inclined to freedom, to overthrow any government;
because, despite the succession of history and governments, nothing changed in general for them, except perhaps for some of them at the expense of beginning to sell dignity, a push after a push.
They, the destitute, know that hostility between them and any government, is natural, existential, instinctive.
a hostility of that you either stand perfectly and steady in your place, based on my steadiness in my position;
or moving upward, little by little, at the expense of my descend downwards more and more.
That “down” which, sooner or later, will reach a point no below under it;
then, when the ascenders move to a higher point, the pulverization starts,
at this exact point in time, the revolution, for dignity rather than bread, is born of hostility with power as a concept, not to loot the rich with hands.
Because, even if destitute did not choose their lives shape, a part of their steadiness in that shape was, in somehow, a self-decision, a stand up for their freedom and dignity at the expense of “a living”.


The nothingness is a zero,
when it breaks down, slowly extends into two opposite directions “negative and positive”, so existence begins to manifest itself, as a beautiful child, various and diverse, without exaggeration of variation and diversity to the degree as to become there, alive and dead.
But when, the gradual extension of existence in both directions, reaches a great stretching of the zero, threatens it to split it into two halves, while it is the origin, the holder of the existence cords,
then, the two directions go towards infinity,
towards the non-existence / the non-nothingness, toward the empty void.
Here, the revolution begins, whatever its shape, as a permanent attempt to defend existence through the nothingness sons, themselves.
Those who are seen just by the only messenger of nothingness;
the art.


Realistic margin:
This train, in spite of all the misery that carried inside, is radiating, as is evident in the photo, life more than we may see in a “VIP” wing of a passenger plane, where everyone is only sleeping, working or locked in one of the communications or social media “rooms”.
while everyone on the train is communicating sensory and physically, and can easily catch a climate of reassurance radiating between them, except one of them isolates himself with his mobile phone, perhaps to break the weight of his loneliness during the road.

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