A Skull

Following an old wish,

I decided today to go on a discovering journey, through one of the sensitive points inside a skill of a fresh murdered.
I shrunk to the size of a bacterium, after drinking the “Alice in Wonderland”‘s recipe which that I stole, one day, from the dreams of my younger sister.
I took a cold water shower, hem a bit, took off my shoes
– Come on, start the story, don’t tell us the story of your life now, like you are going to be a martyr.
– So, I entered the eye, in search of the target
As soon as I entered, I slid onto the cliff of its viscous quarry with tremendous speed.

I flew in the air with an acrobatic motion, then fell between the filaments of the “retina”, which was full of active spiders, trying so hard to compose the visions together, to make a scene, and hanging it on the wall of memory, which was crowded with paintings, but non of those paintings stopped me, they were with no astonishment, I had have most of them.
I was a bit scared of the spiders, but they did not care about me.
After a lot of wallowing, I barely emerged from that mucus formation, to find myself in front of a huge mirror which distorts the reflection.
I opened the map of the eye that was in my possession, I knew that I arrived at the “crystal body”, I made some ridiculous faces in front of it, I laughed a bit, then followed the path to find myself after a while, in front of a black hole guarded by bats with red eyes.
I caught my breath, crawling on my stomach like a small worm, I was thinking the bat do not like the worms, and I seemed to be right.
Finally reached the goal, the blind spot is quite in front of me, I felt like standing on the cliff of an abyss, hesitant between staying or jumping,
thanks to my suicidal tendency, I jumped inside
it was a large lake, rather a raging sea that began to pour into its foam, and although I was good at swimming, instinctively obsessed with a bulldozer tire, fearing to drown, I felt the black dot would be like a black hole, crowded with a chaos of scenes more those stored by the cerebral lobules during the illusion reality’s path.
The serenity was frightening on its inside, I did not see a life’s memories, there,
dreams’ memories were what I saw.
daydreams, perhaps a life that was lived by its owners, stealthily in the afternoon naps, and the grim reflections of the crumbs in the corners of the grey musty rooms, the narrow,
I saw naked children with grizzled beards, running happily with formal shoes in their feet, painting the thresholds of houses with their urine, and shit at the gates of schools,
I saw
Human beings leashed into wagons, pulling black dogs barking and weeping.
Alleys asphalted with velvet algae, mothers without wombs walking on them, mourning a murdered, a son who was lost before being born.
Girls with small tits, and a hair like a hedgehog thorns, cutting their tits with knives, without pain or blood, blow them through the nipples like balloons, flies them in the sky, then competing who can hit them with the thorns.
I saw lonely windows, hanging in the air, with heads without bodies, behind them.
Cigarettes with faces and feet, walking in the streets, discussing philosophy, universe, poetry, cancer, and in the corner of their mouths burning colonels with the rank of cigarette.
Fields of grape pergolas, carrying bunches of strange kinds of wine bottles, in the bottom of each, a dead fetus.
Plains covered with whales skins, black smoke and thermal laboratory wastes are oozing out their breathing vents.
Trees with large trunks in the form of intercontinental missiles, their branches branching out with light and medium weapons, while the leaves were human limbs and pieces.
I saw long bridges, crossed by convoys of bread loaves, stretching from destroyed villages, to a huge belly navel, smells like cities garbage,
the loaves had sad faces, shouting with one voice: stop the siege, stop the siege, stop the siege, stop the siege.
I saw mountains with thick brows, and transparent veins protruding sharply from their topography, beating violently with black fluids, so the earth shaking under my feet.
fearfully, I stepped back, fell to the ground with my head on a pointed stone, fainted a bit, and when I woke up, I was in outer space, looking through a huge telescope at the earth.
The blind spot appeared to be the “negative” photo of our coloured planet before being processed by technology laboratories,
So I took, from the space by the telescope, a selfy-photo with our terrible planet behind me,
then jumped into the void.

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