On Two Sides

I have always wished I was born in a place where I grow up with animals as if I were in a forest;
and at the same time, I can see them, watch them, without belonging to them, humans,
a zoo, for example;
perhaps, from there, behind the cage bars, I would see humans as if they were in a zoo too, but only on the wider side of the bars, the lesser freedom.


Perhaps, we have lost freedom since we first captured an animal in a cage,
built the first wall,
picked the first rose,
broke the first rock,
since we began to do with all what in nature, of beings and objects, what the mind epidemic did to us,
as if it was an eternal revenge against nature for that painful epidemic.


Margin: Although it is a very common information, it seems that the prevalence does not mean fully aware,
Minded in Arabic means, bind.



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