The hunt;
I mean, specifically, for the purpose of entertainment, filling time and bravado;
to make the largest room of your house, an exhibition for tens of mummified predators heads, that was clipped off from the bodies with a knife, after it was hunted cowardly from a distance, with a sniper rifle.
Is that really too different from who used to collect the heads of warriors that he killed, in a face-to-face battle, hanging on spearheads?
Or who has placed around his neck a collar of scalps which he had slaughtered it from his victims’ heads; also in an equivalent, face-to-face, battle? 
Yes, it may be different;
Not that the latter two are less violent or bloody, no;
But for sure they are more courageous and deserving, they killed in a despicable battle, but at least in fairly equal terms, and weapons as well;
In circumstances that they may kill or may be killed, during it.

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